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I am still in disbelief the number of people that are falling victim to the thousands of scams that are out there today. Please everyone NEVER trust anyone unless you know them personally. Even then be wary. 99 percent of these "online computer repair companies" are simply a scam to steal your money, your credit/debit card info, or your bank info. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO FALL FOR THESE SCAMS! If someone calls saying they are from "Microsoft" or "Windows" that is 100 percent ...a scam! Microsoft will NEVER contact you! If a telephone number pops up on your computer telling you to call it immediately, you computer is infected. Again 100 percent scam! The pop-up itself is the virus. All that you have to do is restart your computer and eveything will go back to normal. Even if the message says "DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW OR RESTART YOUR COMPUTER!" It's fine to simply restart this computer. Even if you have to remove the power to restart. Sometimes these pop-ups will prevent you from navigating your computer. Just remove the power cord. If it is a laptop then push and hold the power button for 5 seconds and the system will be forced to power off. That will work for desktop computers as well. If you have fallen victim to one of these scams, never be ashamed to reach out for assistance. Most times I can help recover any monies spent on these scam technical support companies. Please be safe when using your computer and if you ever have a question feel free to contact me, 912-399-5409. I will help keep you safe out there!

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All that you have to do is restart your computer and eveything will go back to normal.
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There are scam busting sites that have online databases of the names scammers use, their email addresses, the stock copy/paste scam emails, telephone numbers and taken pictures.
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In the days of the innovation that to get or find anything from the market we use the internet services. This is very beneficial that to use but also be very scams cases has been watched here on the internet deals.
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